Duong have been in fashion industry for nearly a decade and understands the world of fast fashion. After struggling to find high quality, ethical, distinctive designs with accessible prices, Duong Design Studio was born in 2019.

Based in London – UK, DUONG specialise in contemporary fashion and “made to order” luxury garments. We aim to bring a new breath of styles with strong bold cuts that are elegant and classic yet equally exquisite, luxurious with the ideal of “slow fashion” in mind. With DUONG’s high-quality pieces, we want to make women feel empowered, beautiful, confident and unstoppable.

DUONG proudly present our products that are designed and made in London by an experienced, passionate and creative team who put their heart and soul into every touch. Our designs can be personalised with customer’s own measurements or ordered in standard international sizes. Each of our pieces are handpicked from the finest materials and handled with care.

We recognise that it is now important than ever to adhere to sustainable fashion. Duong Design Studio “made to order” specialty supports slow fashion which aims to materials waste and minimises our carbon footprint. 

Your Duong Design Studio pieces will always remain one of a kind.